I Love Cruise Night With Lots of 32’s and 34’s

There is something about nineteen thirty-two and thirty-four vintage Ford hot rods that turns me on. It must be related to the fact that those were the most predominant cars of my childhood. My dad never owned a Ford of that vintage but some of my neighbors did. Back then very few neighbors owned a car.

Maybe it is because as a lad of ten, I watched a seventeen year old kid who lived at the alley end of the block build a thirty-four three window coupé into a hot rod. He even took it to Bonneville and had a brass plaque proclaiming his ninety-three mph run. What ever it is, these cars turn me on. There is nothing more beautiful than a hot thirty-four coupé or a deuce sportster.

Here is a collection of the finest cars that visit Frankfort’s Cruise Night.

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  1. Grumpa, Beautiful Auto’s. We have a Cruise Night in Lansing, this Saturday, August 13 th, 2011 from 4:30 pm til 8:30 pm on Ridge Road between Burnham Avenue and Wentworth Avenue. Lots of NICE Autos from many years ago. Drop buy. Chuck

    • Thanks for the invitation. Unfortunately, I have a prior family commitment with a higher priority.

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