Let Me Back In

This toon is wishful thinking on my part. Wouldn’t it be nice if “we the people” could do something so simple as to lock the man out of the People’s House?

My mother had a way of  dealing with me when I came home later than she approved.  My lovely beautiful mother waited for me just inside, and as I sneakily opened the door to quietly let myself in she hauled off and whacked me in the face.  Then, I listened to her complaints about my behavior in a tone of voice that let the neighbors know I was home. It never changed my behavior, but it made her feel better about herself as a mother.

When I watched the video of Obama going from door to door on the West Wing of the White House trying to get in, I laughed my big butt off. The locked doors didn’t seem to bother him in the least. He kept on whistling and going from door to door until he found one that opened.

Why was he so happy that he whistled on his way to work? Was it because the money he will spend on the new Libyan war fits into his goal to take down the economy? Or did he whistle  because his collusion with a man named Lerner from the SEIU is planning to bring down JP Morgan Chase and Wall Street?  Is it because the US Court system is giving recognition to Sharia Law in decisions? Could it be because he told Hugo and the Brazilians that we want to be dependent on them for our oil? I know, it is because the ACLU is making big strides in its goal to turn America into a communist state.

In my fantasy, I am the one who waits inside that door to let him have the whack on the side of the head the next time he sneaks in from a week of debauchery with foreign leaders.

He is certainly transforming America into the socialist state of his daddy’s dreams.

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