Unknown Kept Us Guessing

New Liam Neeson movie: spelling is Unknown

Grandma Peggy convinced me to go to the movies last week. We didn’t have a particular film to see, but we reviewed the list and chose one. She is into mystery stories, so we picked “Unknown.”

Liam Neeson stars in the lead role. We like him, so we went for it. The story starts out very slow, but rapidly turns into an action movie. Neeson’s character lands in Berlin to attend a conference of bio-technology experts. He is one of the presenters. He leaves his briefcase containing his passport and presentation at the airport. He discovers it missing as he arrives at the hotel.  He is tired and not thinking clearly, so he immediately takes another taxi back to the airport to retrieve the missing case without telling his wife he is going back.  Who would do that?  He gets the taxi to take a short cut and winds up crashing into a river. Neeson hits his head in the crash as the taxi sinks.

Neeson wakes up in the hospital with a huge loss of memory. He does remember his wife though, and begins to search for her. He actually finds her in Berlin, a very European city, and she denies knowing him. What the?

The story gets even more complicated and mysterious from there. It includes some wild car chases in Mercedes Taxi Cabs and a bunch of people who chase him for reasons unknown.

The end of the movie has a wild and  twisted conclusion. It left Grandma Peggy wondering what the heck it was all about, and she is a connoiseur of mystery stories.

I give this one four stars instead of my usual five. Why? There were too many preposterous situations that were outside of reality. The car chase scenes for one, him not letting his wife know where he was going while in a totally strange city and leaving her alone, her denying his acquaintance, it goes on, and on. It boggled my mind, but entertained me at the same time.

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