Wabbit War Mystery

During the summer, I began a series of stories about my battles with Wabbits that invaded my garden. They ate everything in sight. What they didn’t eat, they tasted, and killed. Even my prickly pear cactus had bites taken from it. I installed Wabbit barrier around all the flower beds, but it did not work. They found ways to creep under the barrier in a very short time.  I even attacked them with the lawn mower. but that didn’t scare them either. All along, Grandma Peggy kept right on feeding them, and they kept coming for the welfare.

The Wabbits formed an alliance with the mice, causing me to lose focus while I erected mouse barriers on the house.  It was a ferocious battle. The garden was decimated. My prize lillies gone.

Late in July, Grandma Peggy began noticing something different. The Wabbits disappeared. They no longer came to the feeders to steal the bird seed she so generously provided. I was ecstatic, I finally beat them, I thought, but where are they? They are probably assembling in the wetlands getting ready for a major assault like Eisenhower did on D-Day. I fully expected them to come charging into the yard screaming bonzai to chew on everything that was left.

Our focus shifted. Now Grandma Peggy and I both were on the look out for any sign of a single Wabbit. None were around. We went from having dozens of the critters to none in a very short time.

We asked each other, was it the coyotes? No, we haven’t heard a coyote howl in a couple of years. Was it a Fox? No, we haven’t seen a Fox in the neighborhood in three years. Was it a hawk? We haven’t seen any hawks either. So what could it be? Aha! I told myself it has to be Sheik Nayboars Katt, but I haven’t seen him either.

The best theory to date is that they contracted a disease and died off. Rabbits can contract West Nile Virus, and Lyme disease. Both can cause them to die. We did have mosquitoes with West Nile reported in Frankfort, this summer, and we do live in a mosquito habitat.

I’ll never know for sure, and it will bother me because I was having so much fun trying to out wit them. Now, I feel sorry for the little vermin.

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