A New Energy Policy

It is hard to believe that in the sixty-plus days since the BP oilrig blew up that no one has coined the phrase Barack Petroleum. A while back, I posted apiece titled Big Fat Lie in which I postulated that the oil rig blow up was a government sponsored conspiracy. I claimed it was a save-face cover for POTUS to rescind his generous relinquishment of off shore drilling. There was no doubt; my theory was so far out it fell into the category of a Big Fat Lie.

As the oil continues to spew into the Gulf and the politics of it begins to unfold, I am leaning to another big fat lie theory. This one has the Administration sending Navy Seals to blow up the rig, but the rationale is different. This time, it is because POTUS wants to take over BP. Why is that? He wants to add an energy company to his growing stable of government controlled or owned companies: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, AIG, Goldman Sachs, Student Loan Program, Chrysler, GM, and Health Care Insurance. What else does he want? Perhaps, he will add your soul and mine too.

 POTUS put the gun to BP’s head and extorted twenty billion dollars from them as payment toward the lost wages of the coastal residents. The clean-up costs are extra. A few more payments and he will have another trillion to deposit into a Swiss bank account for retirement. The company will have to give him stock to make a payment like that.

Is it the big fat lie syndrome, or is it I? Is it coincidence? Or, is it Rahm’s theory that every catastrophe becomes an opportunity to build a bigger government? 

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  1. BO has sent 2 billion of our money to an oil company off the shore of Brazil that is solvent. but a primary onwer is George Sorores. To help them drill at 14,000 ft. BO states that deep shore drilling is dangerous, so we have to shut it down. What a joke. He is just a crook.

  2. Our government operates on the system of, PROBLEM, REACTION, SOLUTION. They create the problem, tell WE THE PEOPLE how to react through the mass media, and then offer a solution that will cost WE THE PEOPLE more Federal Reserve Notes, or lose more of what little freedom WE have left. Its called HOORAY for the GOVERNMENT and screw WE THE PEOPLE. What happened to the REPUBLIC?

    • I love your response. It hits the mark smack dab in the middle. In reality, the government never offers a solution that doesn’t screw things up for future generations. Long after, the perpetrators are living easy on government pensions, and lobby jobs.

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