Do Walls Really Work?

It seems to me that China wouldn’t be anywhere if it weren’t for our disgraced President Nixon. It was he, who opened the door to the east and allowed the USA to export its entire manufacturing base to that country. Now, we have a President that apologizes for a heroic state that chooses to enforce our federal laws. Yep, we are a nation of laws alright.

I challenge Obama to look at China’s record of keeping people  out of China. They know that walls work. A five thousand-year history should be proof enough.

Had Obama spent his trillion-dollar stimulus money on a fence across the south and north borders, the economy would be booming and the illegal immigration problem would be under control.

I agree with Forrest Gump; “Stupid is as stupid does.

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  1. What amazes me to no end are the “Liberals” that I ride with that voted for and still defend Obama! Even though the majority of CITIZENS of this country believe this presidency is a failure in all respects, there are still those who would rather go down with the ship than admit their mistake. Rather than put all the blame on Obama, let us place some blame on the Republican Party who, if they had fielded a slate of candidates that were viable, we wouldn’t be in this mess. So, what did we get instead? A man that made one good speech? We got what we wanted and deserved – hope and change. We’re still hoping and as for the change? We would have gotten more change had we gone to McDonald’s!

    • We were all blind with rage over the Bush Administration’ s policies. Nevertheless, we shouldn’t have been blinded to allow a radical to take his place.
      I agree, the Republicans didn’t field a very desirable slate, but they were still the lessor of two evils. Like they say, elections have consequences. Now, we can’t wait for another election to undo the damage. It will take three generations, or more, to undo the damage this guy has rushed into effect during his short tenure.

  2. If walls could vote, then I am sure we could solve our immigration problems quickly.

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