Blue Monday

Talk about blue monday, I’ve had it. Not only monday but the entire last two weeks. I’d call it more like cabin fever. Not for long though. The days are getting longer and sunnier. My disposition will change from grumpy to cheerful. My posts will begin to flow once more.
I’ve been busy backing up the content of my BLOG. It’s a painful process, and one that will make me change the way I write my posts. I’ll try writing in MS Word first, then pasting into WordPress; starting next time.
Six days, and counting, before the Avalon heads south.

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  1. Does that criptic phrase mean you are heading toward Arizona?
    Dont’t forget to program the GPS and check the weather report!
    Lot of rain right now but sun is coming out.
    Hooray for Mass.

  2. Thanks for the info. I’ve done that. When I look at the file I see everything but the post content. It might be there but it doesn’t show up.

  3. give this a shot (for WordPress Blogs)

  4. I really need to figure out a better way to back mine up too. There are backups you can use (plugins) but they are huge! I still can’t figure out a good way…I already lost about 6 months of posts. Guess they weren’t that great to begin with, but still…they are lost in cyberland. Good idea backing them up in Word. I might try that too. Otherwise you can back up the XML file from WordPress if that is what you use.

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