What Do We Call a Thousand Trillions?

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What comes after a trillion? A trillion is one followed by twelve zeros. A smart ass would say a trillion and one comes after a trillion. What I’m asking is what do we call “one” followed by fifteen zeros? Since we base all of our money numbers on ones followed by zeros, it follows that for every thousand of a  number we call it by a special name. For instance start with one followed by three zeros or a thousand, then a thousand thousands, etc. It’s easier to say one, one thousand, one million, one billion, one trillion, etc. What do we call a thousand trillions?

Maybe it is easier to see it this way:





1,000,000,000,000= trillion

Why do we care? Because the Federal Deficit is headed toward that number. It was just a few years ago that a deficit of 500 million was huge, then it progressed to four hundred billion in the GWB era, now it has leapt to twelve trillion almost overnight. Comparatively,  ninety percent of the population will never have a million dollars in their retirement account.

The number one followed by fifteen  zeros is called a quadrillion. I hope we never get to use that number in reference to our deficit. If we do, I’m sure a loaf of bread will cost a thousand dollars.


        12,000,000,000,000=current deficit

Try visiting the National Debt Clock to watch how fast the debt is climbing. Take particular notice of the Gross Domestic Product compared to the debt. They are the same. I see that as “our country is broke.”  I don’t mean that the country is broken, I mean that we are near bankruptcy.

Answer this. Where will we get the money to pay for the new health care reform bill being shoved up our ass?

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  1. Ours is a debt based currency. Nothing supports “Fiat” money. With the advent of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, ” We thePeople ” have been in debt to the Fed, a private entity that has never been audited. Our government has let US down BIGTIME.

  2. I forgot to send you a link to a video of my heron visit last

  3. We can never learn less, Bucky Fuller said.
    He also said we cannot run out of money
    any more than we can run out of numbers.

    Malthus no longer applies and the sooner
    we start behaving with the knowledge that this
    is true, the better off we will all be.

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