Winning Ticket

It still amazes me how much my post “I Am A RACIST,” is being viewed. More, and more I am convinced that the world thrives on the dark side. Darth Vader lives on. Good will overcome evil in the end. There is no doubt in my mind that mankind is basically good. It seems however, that those men who thrive on BLOGS lean toward the dark.

My days have been filled with activity designed to make a difference. God has given me a rich life, and I intend to use it for good purposes. My current project is a fund raiser for the Frankfort Lions Club. I am in charge of advertising. I am also on a campaign to sell a record number of raffle tickets. A Sweepstakes ticket costs twenty dollars for a chance to win ten thousand dollars first prize, and another three thousand one hundred and fifty dollars in additional prizes. A ticket also gives a buyer entrance for two into our Sweepstakes Dance. The music for the night is Brother John Band.  We drink alot of beer and have a great time. Mark your calendars, August 28, 2008 at the Entertainment tent in Frankfort, Illinois.

If you have a spare twenty bucks to take a chance with great odds. Contact me through the comments section. I will be very happy to sell you the winning ticket.

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