Ugly Day, Great Day!

Grumpa Joe Looks at FlowerWhat a crappy day it was in the Frankfort area today . Nevertheless, for every negative there is a positive. This morning, I started by going on a brisk forty-five minute walk. It was windy and chilly, but I got over it. I spoke to Barb as I always do on my walks. She doesn’t answer. Breakfast was a special concoction of oat meal with chopped almonds and some sugarless maple syrup. Peggy distracted me during the manufacture, and I doubled up on the syrup, UGH!

I brought my bike up from the basement. Now it resides in the space my car formerly owned. I had to take the Avalon in for an oil change in Bourbonais so we decided to make a trip out of it. Peggy and I went shopping for flowers at the Sunrise Nursery in Grant Park, IL. It rained and the temp was at forty-five degrees. We toured the greenhouses in record time. All the while we heard the constant drumming of rain drops on the plastic roofing. We still managed to fill the trunk with several flats of annuals, and some more perennials.  Shopping on a forty-five degree day when it is raining is the positive thing we did.

We chugged to the dealer for the oil change. While that was being done we spoke to Dave Sosnowski, the salesman who sold us the car. Dave is a nice young man who I recommend to anyone wantiing to buy a Toyota, Cadillac, Pontiac, or Jeep. The dealer, DAVID Bruce sells them all. I get a one hundred dollar referral fee for anyone who buys a car from him and tells him I sent them. The time went by quickly. Peggy and I proceeded to Country Buffet to have a late lunch. Of course we pigged out. From there we stopped at Farm and Fleet to buy fertilizers and odds for the garden. All in all we spent the day shopping and driving in the cold and wet. Just before we turned into our sub-division I asked Peg if she would mind if we went to the library. We went. I picked up two foreign films and a book to read.

Ugly day, great day.

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