It seems to me that we will fill our time on this earth with activity regardless if we have any goals or not. Why not make a better use of our time by directing our energies toward useful ends? Personally, I write down all of my goals. One reason is to remember them. The list is always there for me to review. It keeps my sub-conscious mind focused on the things on the list. Another reason for writing down goals, is to let me review and prioritize them regularly. Lets face it, what seems important today, may be insignificant tomorrow. Don’t waste your time on things that are not important to you. Reviewing a list allows us to narrow our choices to those things that are really important to us. I worked for a man who became a billionaire by writing down all of his goals and dreams.
I am surprised how often, when I review a list of my goal ideas, that they have been accomplished. I now keep a “Dream List” of things that I feel are out of my grasp. The sub-conscious will keep looking for answers to achievement. My advice is simply this: “WRITE IT DOWN.”