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I think America has lost it. Four years after the fact Uncle has finally declared that the pandemic is over. So what have I been receiving in the mail? An almost daily package of Covid test kits. Free to me so I can stay safe by testing and knowing what to do. I knew what to do before there were test kits and a federally mandated shut down. Basically, stay away from crowded places and keep my hands clean.

Why have all these test kits been appearing at my door step? Probably because of the mountain of money Uncle threw at the problem three years ago, and because of the speed of light response of federal agencies to react, they are now giving them away to clear the warehouse. Anyone who gets the latest variation of Covid today probably doesn’t even know he has it because it is so mild a case. Why then have I received twelve test kits (free)? Maybe someone can explain it to me.

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  1. How far is too far seems to be the question. Traditional wisdom would have us expose ourselves more to develop immunity. The more we withdraw the more severe the response of our body when it encounters strange bacteria and bugs and viruses. The word ‘immunity’ gained currency during the pandemic. However, there is no way to measure it and no way to boost it overnight. Another mystery for the world and for people to reach their own conclusions. How far is too far?

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