Amend the Soil Dummy

Rainy days make me feel gloomy. Why? Beats the heck out of me. Maybe it has something to do with barometric pressure. Although we are badly in need of rain and now we are getting it in barrels the effect is one of depression. The saying is “April Showers Bring May Flowers.” but it is July and the rain is late. Many of the seeds we planted did not germinate and now instead of a flush flower garden and a luscious vegetable garden we have bare spots. All I know is that Lovely is blaming the lack of growth on the bad dirt I put into her garden. Bad dirt is top soil loaded with lots of clay marbles. I must agree that when this stuff dries out it looks like poorly finished concrete. All I can tell her is better luck next year.

Since this year was construction to expand her two measly 4 x 8 (64 sq ft) plots into one 8 x 20 ( = 160 sq ft = 250% bigger) fenced, and rabbit proof beauty I didn’t have enough time to get enough compost to amend the soil. Oh well I’ll wait until fall to do that job. Better luck next year. That is, if we have a next year, but we must stay positive and healthy. In the meantime we will harvest the few vegetables that are doing well, cucumbers and tomatoes.

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