Defund the DOJ & the Dept. of Education

School boards across our country seem to be in a tiff because parents are finally attending their meetings and questioning their policies and judgements. Americans are finally aroused to the point of caring what goes on. Traditionally, school board meetings are poorly attended, but the recent COVID-19 mask mandate for kids has struck a nerve. Mothers are upset, and the law of nature intuitively means a mother must strike out to protect her young. For example just see what happens when a hiker comes across a bear cub. Instinctively the mother bear will lash out to protect her cub. Many times the hiker becomes bear food. The same holds true for mothers at school board meetings. The problem I have with this is that the school board is made up of mothers and fathers from the same school that the complaining mothers are from. I don’t believe that when I run for the school board and am selected that I automatically begin to propose stupid policies like wearing masks during school. No, they are merely implementing US Government policy to protect the money they get from Uncle. School boards are not smart enough on their own to begin implementing federal policies, they are coached by School superintendents, and principals. God forbid a local school district would have the temerity to stand up to Uncle and go against his almighty word and be denied their federal due. That would mean the school administrators would have to do their job and learn to live within the means by cutting costs. What a novel idea that is.

Uncle is so upset with this backlash that he has ordered the Department of Justice to proclaim Mothers protecting their young to be Domestic Terrorists. I agree they are riled up to the point that they will terrorize the biggest, meanest, nastiest, Seal Team 6 on planet earth as is their God given instinct to do. All I can say is thank God that Merritt Garland, our current Attorney General, was not accepted as a Supreme Court Judge. Had he been seated our entire system of government would have become lopsided and ruled by stupid progressive democrats. As such he is now bowing to the dictates of Sleepy Uncle Joe in order to accelerate the demise of our nation. Instead he should be looking at who to prosecute for violating federal laws.

My current nominees for defunding are both the Department of Justice for even entertaining this notion of declaring angry mothers who protest at school board meetings as domestic terrorists. Evidently, democrats and progressives can’t take backlash to ideas that stink. Instead of realizing that they should revise their mandates they instead want to kill the messengers. They are as angry as they are because the almighty school boards would look down upon anything less, and dismiss the protestor as a weirdo. Wake up people this protest is no different than the original tea party was in Boston Harbor. They really mean what they say, and when they say they are coming for you they mean at the ballot box or in a recall, or maybe a peaceful picketing of your house.

My second nominee is the Department of Education for spreading the policy of Critical Race Theory in our schools. CRT is communism in a new dress, or lipstick on a pig. Moving our kids into this direction is moving the world backwards toward Joe Stalin. It is my opinion that the entire Department of Education should be disbanded and defunded forever. With stinking thinking like CRT they do not belong in our government. If I were in charge I would have the entire Biden administration lined up against a post in the Rose Garden and put out of their misery. If living in our country is so bad that they must preach division and racism setting us back a hundred years then they must only be miserable and we would be merciful to end it for them.

I am not a black person so I can’t understand what systemic racism means. Before I begin preaching that all black lives don’t matter I would benefit from an education by black people to define what the term systemic racism means and just how it affects them. All I currently know is that I have black friends whom I treat as I do myself, and I abhor blacks who think I owe them something and who will kill me for the fun of it. If that is systemic racism then I am guilty of it.

DEFUND the DOJ & the DOE

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