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The older I get the more I like things that are rock solid reliable. My problem is that the rest of the world doesn’t seem to want reliability as much as they want change. A friend recently recommended I cure my difficulty with passwords by using a password manager. He also shared information about the one he uses. I went to the website and began to register to buy into this software. A message returned that my computer wasn’t up to the level they require for their program to work. Now I must search for software that does. Yesterday, one of my hearing aids died. I called to bring it in for repair. The answer was that the guaranty on my aids expired in February but they will fix them for $400. It was a grand three years of rock solid performance, but it came to an end. Now I am looking into buying a new brand which is touted to be the best in the world, online. How scary is that? Buying something like hearing aids online is terrifying, but I’m gonna do it.

My latest car has been a solace to me. I have owned it longer than any other car in my lifetime. I rid myself of most cars because they have become unreliable, and are atrocious looking rust buckets. This one is running fine and looking good. I love it, but I’ve reached a point where I fear it too will begin to have issues, and I don’t like having issues. So I’m looking for a new car, a carbon copy of the one I have with very low mileage. I learn there are very few new cars available. It seems that COVID-19 shut down production last year and disrupted the supply chain. Now that the car companies are getting back into production, they have learned that there is only one supplier in the world that makes the computer chip needed to make a car. Hence a shortage of cars. That has pushed the buyers to buy used cars, hence the price of used cars is approaching that of the unavailable new ones. All I can say is “Shame on you car companies for not using multiple supply sources for your product.” At the opposite side I say, “good for you chip company, you hit a home run.” Now we realize why Henry Ford believed in vertical integration of his manufacturing process. He wanted control of every nut and bolt in his model T’s.

To me reliability is the gold standard. It signifies a healthy product built to give me years of service. WordPress has been in that category for ten years, although they have experimented with format changes on a regular basis. They always seemed to have a way for an old bastard like me to return to the old format. It takes me forever to learn how to use a program and when i do I don’t appreciate a change just to appease a millennial. This post is an experiment to learn if WP has solved their problem of not liking Safari, but loving Google. If I write enough words I will reach the black out stage and end the post.

he Last evening, I. and I attended the Tuesday night meeting of the Stray Group and had a really wonderful time. Both of us had too much wine and were exhausted upon returning home. The group was hungry for talk and sharing experiences of life with each other. A new member who is on summer break from his teaching job at Joliet Junior College comes to New Lenox, our meeting place, from Glen Ellyn (30 miles) a very northern suburb. Why? He loves the discussions and the camaraderie of the group. I learned the hard way that he suffers from hearing loss as I do. Every time I spoke to him he asked me to repeat and had to look straight into my face at the same time. Hearing impaired people automatically learn to read lips, and they don’t even know they are doing it. Next week the group moves to Bourbonnais, IL to meet at the home of one of the premier members. That will make this man’s trip ninety miles, just for conversation.

During COVID-19 times when we were required to wear masks I found on that I loved, and bought it for my personal use. I have had many comments regarding the election. It is a simple light green cloth with the word Blah blah arranged at random all over. I’m thinking we should rename our Stray Bar group to the Blah Blah group, because that is what it is all about blah,blah, blah.

The blackout just appeared below and that is my signal to shut the pie trap.

At this point I tried inserting the pictures and failed. I switched to Goole and everything worked normal. As much as I hate Google I will use it from now on.

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