The Moment That Changes A World

This past week I am missing in action. No one knows where I am or why I have gone missing. Emotions run wild as grief takes over to dominate life. My thoughts concentrate on how quickly life can change.

Last Sunday, the first day of Spring 2021 the days was phenomenally warm, sunny, and cheerful. My playmate and I drove to a trail in the woods to enjoy nature. Many others did the same. Some on foot, others on bicycles, youngsters on skate boards, and old timers walking dogs. All were smiling and cheerfully escaping the COVID scourge.

Meanwhile a Lexus SUV sped northward with five people aboard. Simultaneously my playmate’s son moved westward on his BMW Enduro. The two vehicles met to occupy the exact same space completely oblivious to each other. The Enduro planted into the passenger side front seat of the LEXUS.

As with most collisions between a cyclist and a car, the car wins. This crash happened like a bolt of lightning from the sky. My friends son died instantly. The passenger in the front was severely injured. Both vehicles were totally beyond repair.

Eight hours after this instant my friend finally learned of her only child’s demise. Since that instantaneous fraction of a moment life has changed for her, her son’s son, and me. The tiny family of three immigrants in this country with no other social support has been reduced to two. The mother-grandmother is emotionally destroyed while the grandson is overwhelmed by the instant responsibility befallen him.

In the meantime, the coroner cannot release the body until he has verified identity. He called the grandson to have his father’s dental records sent so he could positively know whose death certificate he was certifying. Needless to say this piece of information was devastating. Losing a loved one is always horrible, not being able to find closure by viewing the body is equally calamitous.

It’s been three and a half days since that moment in time and a positive move toward interment has not been made.

My only advice to the grandmother and grandson are to think only of what you can do today, and if that is not working think only of what is absolutely necessary to do in the next hour, or minute.

Pray for them.