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I’ve been with WordPress and this BLOG for over twelve years, but I have to proclaim that WordPress can use some help. Two days ago I wrote what I believed was a pretty eloquent post covering a number of issues blended into a movie review. I was in the process of adding images and media to enhance the words. I hit the publish button and nothing happened. I realized that the post was frozen. Nothing I did would make it move in any direction. I saw a proclamation that read something to the effect that I had a more current back up. Without thinking about it, my bad, I hit the button for the backup. I got about in fourth of the piece from the backup.WTF? That is not my idea of a back up. A back up means you get your most recent post back in its entirety. I tried multiple ways to recover, but realized too late that I was fucked. I lost a great post. I’ve been stewing about for two days, but it won’t change a thing. WordPress is continuously trying to improve the experience but only succeeds in messing things up. I would be very happy using the original program of ten years ago. After all it’ s only a bit of trying and repetition that makes it happen.

I have never tried any other blogging program, but now I am open to exploring what else is out in the world. Every time WP tries something new it is to please the younger crowd that thinks from their seat. Of course the younger crowd has been kept from the world of logic and common sense. They all think like their phones, and therefore, so must the rest of us cater to the whims of Apple and Samsung. The result is a bunch of change that fails often, and causes an old guy like me to have apoplexy about it.

I have patiently endured the many changes WP has made and have tried their new editors, but I find that I like the old systems best. Once learned they make sense and when something makes sense it become easy to use. God forbid the younger set learn anything about making sense.

WP has made some things easier and more intuitive to use, such as the method for adding media into a blog post. Their latest systems are immensely easier to use, and I like them. What I don’t like is the tendency of the post to freeze and require shutting down in the middle of things to get things rolling again. That is not a normal thing, and it is a bug that must be corrected. Every time I been trouble shooting a problem like this I learn that I am not the only one having the issue. That is a problem for Word

Recently, I detected a problem with my video streaming service (Comcast) and lost hours trying to make the damned program work. All the time thinking is was me in my old age not understanding how to do these new fangled things. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred it is not me it is the vendor of the service. That pisses me off. I spent a good part of my life fixing products that were expected to work but didn’t. I know how frustrating that can be for the developer, but dam it, that is not an excuse. Get off you asses and fix the problem. I finally extracted a fix-it commitment from Comcast on the issue of their lousy streaming service. They have passed the date they predicted, and I am still having issues. Less than before, but the problem is still lurking in their software and comes up often. My fix is to pull the plug and do a hard reset. Usually that fixes the problem for awhile. Funny, I never read that in the owners manual that I should pull the plug and reboot to fix a problem three times a night.

The problem with all of these companies providing all these wonderful services is that they are so successful that they write off the few customers who have problems. If my boss had ever caught me writing off a problem because it was too small to worry about, I would have been applying for unemployment. Eventually, companies will begin losing money to their competition and wake up to the fact that it is their fault that it is happening. In the meantime, poor Joe the customer wastes his precious minutes of remaining life trying to resolve an issue that cannot be resolved. Joe has to learn how to click the “off” button to fix the problem and substitute reading books instead.

Reading Books, the Same as Streaming

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  1. 12 years is a long track record for WP. this is coming up to be my fourth year and even I have BIG problems with some services and things that happen on here… Great post and thank you for making it known that I am not the only one suffering through this sh@t

    • Overall WordPress is a good site. They provide a valuable service and it is free. However, they suffer from their success. As they grow they must continue to bend and revise the system to accommodate the new big users. We are but a tiny mite in the WP colony.

  2. I like the old programs better too and these programmers of sites need to remember not everyone is competent enough for new and improved (alleged) and should at least allow users to keep the older programs and use them. I recall some years back when the Miami Dade County Public School System whiz kids decided to go paper free and have everyone go on line to renew the early benefits packages. Half of us teachers weren’t able to do it and they forgot that many thousands of retired teachers in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s didn’t even own a computer. What a mess esp when insurance companies have very strict and finite enrollment periods.

    • How right you are. New technology will only work if it encompasses all the users. I might add that the language of the technologists is from Mars.

  3. Go visit ZendoDeb..

    • Thank you. I have found that button, but I have to use it every time.

  4. With you on that. Few months back, whenever I was creating a post WordPress would prompt me to try their new editor. I succumbed and did. And ended up screwing up the post. Thankfully I had a raw offline version which I could come back to.

    • You are very wise to write offline. I have not become that wise yet.

  5. Your not the only one…

    Many are complaining

    Everytime WP does an Upgrade they screw it all up … I don’t get it???

    • Most likely they are trying to make their program work with phones. People don’t want to work with desk top and lap top computers anymore. They forget the users who they drew into blogging with their simplicity.

  6. I spent 10 minutes this morning trying to copy a post. Not sure what’s going on.

    • Sometimes the simplest things become the biggest mountain to climb.

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