Day 68-SIP-Another Sign?

Yesterday, I received a text asking me to join a small group of Lions for a drink on a patio. I had just come home from a three mile walk and needed a rest, but the sound of a drink and a rest was too tempting to turn down. Day sixty-seven be damned I’m going, I’ll be masked and we will social distance.

I filled a twenty ounce tumbler with ice, topped it off with some vodka, and a capful of dry vermouth and headed back toward town, this time in my car. We met at the home of Lion Gene the friendly undertaker. The group is one that frequents the German restaurant. All of us go there for drinks after meetings or to watch a football game on TV at the bar. Since SIP, this place like all others has been closed except for carry out food.

The evening was delightful. Blue sky, warm, and good conversation. What more could I need? I learned something new as I sat six feet away in a circle of friends, my hearing aids have a range of five feet. I turned them up as high as I could but still could not hear everything being said. One of the group, the only non-Lion had his phone turned on radio, and was playing some noisy music. I kept thinking I should ask him to turn it off. The music interfered with my hearing aids which were straining to sort out what it should amplify into my ears. Human conversation lost.

As we sat, drinking and me nodding my head to words spoken toward me, but not hearing them a sudden gust of wind blew through the yard. A moment later we were showered in maple helicopters. I looked up and saw the sky fifty feet above filled with thousands of the rotating little seed pods blowing in the breeze. It was magical. Could this be a sign from Peg? I already got a sign from her when the picture of the horses fell off the wall. Perhaps this is a sign from Barb, yes, Barb was more into nature than Peg was, it has to be from Barb. So many signs all at the same time how will I deal with them?

I felt another gust of wind hit my face and another shower of helicopter seeds twirled down upon us landing in our hair, our drinks, and everywhere.

The helicopter seeds were a sign that I should leave the party and go home. As I got into my car it began to rain, and the party was over for everyone.

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