Divided We Fall

How Many Ways Can We Be Divided? Let Me Count The Ways!


A few days ago I got to thinking about how many divisions there are in America. Here is the list I made:

Republican vs Democrat

Conservative ve Liberal

Black vs White

North vs South

Muslim vs Christians

Urban vs Rural

Citizens vs Police

Progressives vs Constitutionalists

Global Warming vs non-Global Warming

Capitalism vs Socialism

Free Speech vs Restricted Speech

Guns vs no-Guns

Open Border vs Closed Border

Legal Immigration vs Illegal Immigration

Right to Life vs Abortion & Euthanasia

Voter Registration vs no Registration

Big Government vs Limited Government

Prayer in Schools vs No Prayer in schools

Gay vs Straight

Public Displays of Religious Icons or no Public Displays of Icons

Public Monuments of Confederate Heroes vs no Heros

War vs Peace

Media Support of Solitary Causes vs Un-Biased Media reporting

Social Media Screening One Voice vs Supporting Any Opposition

. . . then I ran out of steam.

There are many more divisions within America that I have not listed. Those above are in the news almost daily. Demonstrations go on nearly every day of the year. There is never any good news.

A question that came to mind. How on earth can we unify a divided country when there are so many unhappy people with so many opposing views? Not only do they oppose each other they often fight with each other on the streets during demonstrations. Congress passes a Bill to correct a specific problem and the opposing force demonstrates against it. During my childhood, so many years ago, I recall laws and decisions made by Congress, but I don’t recall divisions like we have now. Of course WWII played a big part in unifying us. Our men were all fighting and our women were too busy working, and raising their children to be worried about being paid less than men, or about how they needed child care, or health care. Kids were cared for by grandparents and aunts or uncles. Women buried their concerns in favor of patriotic commitment to win the war, to get their men back home, and to feed their kids. Women didn’t have time for petty arguments.

It finally occurred to me what has to be done to fix all these divisions. Some call it the rule of law. This is a principle being violated almost hourly, by the citizenry, and by the ruling class. We the people have been numbed to the idea that the law pertains to all of us. The rule of law included the ten commandments as our moral compass. Secular government has slowly caused us to evolve away from believing in a Supreme Being and morality. As a result of this loosening of morals we have drifted away from any societal unification.

If there is one thing that set America apart from other countries it is the assimilation of peoples. New immigrants group together so they can retain a cultural connection to their homeland and their language. The difference is immigrants of yore liked to live together and speak their native language but they aligned themselves with America and not their homeland. Today, we see cultures settling into cities to become Little Cuba, or a Muslim no-go-zone. In no-go zones they adhere to Sharia law and disregard US law. Some even patrol the streets in special police cars to look for offenders of Sharia even though they have no legal right to police. The best way to describe them is that they patrol their little piece of America as if it was their homeland. Our immigration laws do not specify that they can create a new country within a country where everything is the same as where they left. That is the opposite of assimilation. That is declaring your little piece of settlement as a different country within a country.

The immigrants of the twentieth century came to America legally. They followed existing laws to citizenship. They learned English, but preferred to speak in their native tongue. My own parents lived in America for seventy-five years but continued to speak with an Eastern European accent, and in very broken English. In fact, they spoke an advanced language which was a blend of their native tongue and English.

When ever I tested my Dad about his allegiance I would ask him if he wanted to go back home. His answer was always, “I am in America now this is my home.”

“Do you want to go back for a visit? “

“No, this is my home.”

Assimilation is a mind set that is lacking in today’s immigrant, but assimilation is a necessary component of becoming the unique and exceptional American. Without the drive to become a citizen how can one be an American? My Dad remembered the exact day of his becoming a citizen, the address of the courthouse, the judge who presided and the oath he took. We have both legal and illegal residents who have no intention of ever assimilating into our society. I personally have met several migrants who have lived here for more than twenty years, who do not want a Social Security number, who do not pay taxes, and work for cash only. Why are  they here? They like the liberty but hate government control. When they get sick and need a doctor or some medicine they are appalled at the out of pocket costs and complain that the Europe system is better. When asked if they will go back to the system that is better the answer is always no. These people are not assimilating.

Well, what about all the other divisions that are not caused by immigration like Capitalism vs Socialism? What causes that difference? It is my opinion that this division is caused by the moral breakdown of America. At one time the majority took responsibility for their actions. Today, fully fifty percent of the country believes it is the government’s responsibility to keep them from harm. Really? Sad, very sad. When did the government say it is okay to get your girlfriend pregnant and then to get an abortion over assuming your responsibility to raise the child? The government didn’t say that, but they now offer a free abortion which allows you to shirk.

What about closed border vs open border?  This is the result of a lack of natural population growth. We need people to fuel the economy. Since our women are not having babies at a rate that will keep our culture stable the liberal government encourages immigrants to ebb the lack of births. Makes sense right? Not, it conflicts with the government’s liberal abortion policy aimed at killing newly conceived people. In fact they support the division of black vs white because the majority of babies aborted are black. Over three hundred thousand babies are aborted every year. If these babies were allowed to be born and grow into citizens we wouldn’t need immigrants to replace our shortage.

As I begin to rationalize the reasons for the differences I see a clear relationship developing between many of them. For instance it can be logically concluded that the need for immigration connects to abortion.

In the case of Democrats and Republicans being divided it is because we the people elected a president that is not your grandfathers president. He is a man who sees the connections to the divisions and has the temerity to take them on. Not only is he hated by Democrats but by members of his Republican party too. President Trump threatens to expose and bring down  what he refers to as the “swamp,” or the inner workings of big, no not big, huge government that turns members of Congress who are paid a paltry $178,000 per year into millionaires. I’m surprised that he still alive.

America needs a huge house cleaning and a reset. We are like the computer that gets filled with junk files, bugs, fix upon fix to keep out creepy malware, and updates that cause it to work crappy. What do we do to correct it? We shut it off and re-boot it with fresh pure software. Wake up America, the Founding fathers foresaw this and made sure we have the Bill of Rights to use to perform the reset. More specifically the First Amendment right to free speech, freedom of religion, and the right to assemble. They gave us the Second Amendment right to own guns. They did not protect our gun ownership so we could crazily enter gun free zones to kill people. Gun ownership gives us a guarantee that “we the people” have some form of weapon to depose the government, and begin anew.


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