Illinois, the New Home of Al Qaeda?

The latest ploy by Obama is to house the GITMO terrorists in  Illinois. He proposes the Federal Government  buy a brand new prison in Thomson, Illinois and to convert it into a super-max prison. He will then bring jobs to Illinois by staffing the prison to care for the GITMO guys. A while back I wrote a piece titled “A Gitmo Proposal” which gave my proposal for housing the same guys in  Illinois. My proposal was more interesting than Obama’s. I wanted to give President BO some extra income by housing the terrorists in his vacant house in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago.

I have a quandary about the prison in Illinois. It is a relatively new facility in Thomson, Illinois. It currently houses about one hundred and eighty inmates. It has capacity for eighteen hundred. How is it that it is only ten percent utilized? I hear the state can’t afford to staff it. Didn’t they think about staffing when they built the damn place?  It is my guess that this prison was built with ear marks put on some obscure bill by our Senator Dickie Durbin.

Illinois has a history of projects that are under utilized. There is a very large air port in southern Illinois near Saint Louis that doesn’t have any air traffic. The old “Field of Dreams” principle of “build it they will come” never materialized but we have a beauty of an air port in an area that  no one will ever visit or hear about in the next thousand years. Now we have a prison in the same category. At least this time Dickie is being creative, and is trying to double dip for good old Illinois.

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4 Responses

  1. I believe I read recently where the project you blog about has been canceled-no Gitmo folks coming to Illinois. I was thinking as I read that other article that Thompson wanted that prison and the jobs it would bring. So what are they going to do with the place now? Illinois and the Feds sure know how to waste our tax dollars!

    • The GITMO prison sale was news the day I re-posted.

  2. Joe,
    Maybe this article should be sent to our News Papers. I think you need even a wider audience.

  3. Illinois has been corrupt forever and will continue as long as we have a state without any Christian Morals. When will our elected officials realize that “We the Christian People” have some rights too?

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